Designing a Font with Code

Years ago I started using a very simple SG made up of lines as my "logo". I evolved this over time and thought it would be even better if I had a whole font in the style of it. So here's how I created my personal font with code and refined my logo in the process.

Designing for Color not just Blindness

Designing for colorblindness is important as 8% of people have it. But there are many other reasons color might be hard to see so good design should be baked in from the start. A colorblind "mode" shouldn't be tacked on as an afterthought. There are several tools and techniques to help make designs better for everyone, colorblind included.

CSS Animation Using the Cicada Principle

Redeye cicada, photo by Fir0002/Flagstaffotos I wanted to add some interest to my homepage with movement. I decided to use only CSS as JavaScript seemed like overkill for a design flare. But how to create interesting animation that can seamlessly loop forever within the constraints of CSS. The problem is that CSS is a declarative styling language with no randomness. Usually it is randomness that stops animations from looking repetitive.