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I Bow Before the True Master

On the evening of 20th June my phone (and watch, because I'm one of THOSE smartwatch people now. At least I'm not a glasshole) started buzzing. I was getting a torrent of follower after follower on Twitter.

Always Strive to be a Better Version of Yourself

How can life shape us into a better person? Do we ever reach perfection? How should we react to negativity? In this post I intend to share my thoughts on the aspects of self improvement I have come across so far in my life.

The 3 Parts of a Perfect Relationship

Before we begin, I should say this post is based on my own experiences. During (and after) each of my relationships I've learnt something new, so know that this post probably isn't "complete". I hope you are still able to glean useful ideas from it, maybe tailoring them to suit your own experiences.