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User Experience

The way a website or app feels is equally important as how it looks. I employ User Experience techniques to make designs easy to use, accessible, and to delight users.

The University of Hertfordshire employed me to improve the User Experience of a project aiming to assist rehabilitation of stroke patients. The accessibility requirements needed innovative user experience techniques to make sure the system was intuitive for a wide range of patients to use.

I have written several articles about UX research on my blog for anyone sharing this interest.


Sometimes a project needs custom functionality as well as great design and usability. I've worked with various programming languages for several years for a range of projects. In my year I was Hertfordshire's top Computer Science graduate gaining a 1st Class BSc(Hons).

  • Ruby

    Ruby has been my favourite language for several years now due to its capacity for writing beautiful code. I've explored its depths and know it quite well, writing a few Ruby open source projects.

  • HTML + CSS

    HTML + CSS are the backbone of layout and design on the web so I know them well. I use CSS wherever possible for the sharpest rendering and smallest file size. In fact most of this page's design is pure CSS! I usually supplement with SCSS preprocessing.

  • JavaScript

    The language of the web, JavaScript is pretty essential to know. I usually keep my frontends lightweight but have used JS for a variety of projects, often with a preprocessor such as CoffeeScript.

  • SQL

    Any web developer comes across SQL for database manipulation and I'm comfortable with it. I tend to use an ORM for a more coherent abstraction, but get my hands dirty when necessary.

  • Java

    Java formed a large part of my Computer Science degree so I know my way around it.

  • Python

    I also used Python for a chunk of my degree and it has many similarities to my preferred language Ruby making using it quite simple.

  • PHP

    PHP is a language with many flaws so not my first choice, but I have used it substantially on occasion. If a project requires it I can hit the ground running.

  • More

    I have dabbled in other languages and enjoy learning different techniques. Some I have used or interest me:

    • MongoDB
    • Clojure
    • Crystal
    • Perl
    • Lua
    • Go
    • C#
    • C

Open source projects I create and contribute to are on my GitHub profile. I write about development on my blog.