Designed—SG Standing | Simon George

SG Designed Modern products, skilfully designed in England

This is a Kickstarter project I ran in 2013, preserved for posterity.

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SG Standing Compact and affordable, every bit beautiful

The SG Standing is SG Wave's little sibling. It's currently in the late design stage, ready for a prototype to be fabricated. Support this project on Kickstarter to see the SG Standing in its final form, it'll be every bit as loveable as it's big brother.

Comparison Specs of SG Designed standing desks

SG Standing SG Wave
Precision laser cut
Custom bottle legs
Strong birch ply
Clear acrylic surface 2
Soft cork palm rest 2
Backstop 2
Cable catcher slot 2
Coasters 6 6
Matching bottle stoppers 4 2
Approximate Dimensions 66×38×7cm 85×44×17cm
Surface max load 12kg 12kg
Keyboard shelf max load 6kg
Stationery drawer
Removable drawer dividers
Padded cork drawer mat
Keyboard shelf
Cable management hole