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SG Designed Modern products, skilfully designed in England

This is a Kickstarter project I ran in 2013, preserved for posterity.

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SG WaveMore... Inspired by nature, cut by laser

The SG Wave is a modern standing desk like no other. Some find being freed from slouching in a chair increases productivity and may help to improve posture reducing back pain. Standing uses muscles, so it could even help you burn a few calories.

Place SG Wave on top of your existing sitting desk or table to raise it. For an ergonomcic standing position the SG Wave is height adjustable, so your arms are comfortably parallel to the desk. It uses bottles for a novel way of choosing the perfect height — simply select the right size bottles for you.

SG StandingMore... Compact and affordable, every bit beautiful

The SG Standing is SG Wave's little sibling. It's currently in the late design stage, ready for a prototype to be fabricated. Support this project on Kickstarter to see the SG Standing in its final form, it'll be every bit as loveable as it's big brother.

SG InclineMore... Minimal design, maximum ergonomics

A perfect compliment to a sitting or standing desk, the SG incline raises your laptop closer to eye level for more ergonomic use. A better working posture increases comfort for your neck.

SG CoastersMore... Slices of simplicity for your drinks

Natural cork is easy on the environment, and on your desk. An excellent insulator, it protects surfaces from hot or cold drinks, and is soft to prevent scratches.